Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Customising Google Search

Spam Sites in Search

How many times have you clicked on a Google search result only to be presented with a spam site that just wraps other site content with ads?  I find technical searches on Google are littered with this dross.  It's pissed me off enough to look at using Bing and Bing is far better at hiding this crap from the search list.

I tried this chrome extension, and whilst the idea is sound, it doesn't work particularly well with instant search.

However, there is another option.  Use a customised Google Search Site.  You can read more here on how to set this up.  Whilst the screen looks very basic, it does work at removing dross sites, although you do need to manually blacklist each one 'as you find it'.

You can even link this into chrome to be the default search engine.  You'll need to tweak a few things in the URL to get it to work, specifically adding %s to indicate where the search terms need to go.  Want dated searches?  Add &tbs=qdr:y to get results in the last year and add the date select to your searches.

So finally, I have a Google search that can filter out those spastic sites.

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