Thursday, November 03, 2011

Uploading Old Polar HRM Data to the Polar Personal Trainer Website

(Update 22nd April 2014: Newer version of the HRMUploader jar fixes an issue with HRZones if there are more than five defined in the HRM file)

I'm a keen cyclist and have used a Heart Rate Monitor of various descriptions for a number of years. I've religiously downloaded this data onto the PC and stored it in the various applications that come with the monitor. Not that I do anything with it, though I did get part way through writing an application to store the data in a relational database and then display multiple rides overlaid on one another for visual comparison. Anyway, I digress.

More recently I've bought Polar HRMs, they are great products with useful features for cycling. Years ago I wrote a Java application that converted the 'other' HRM files to the Polar format, so that all rides and associated HRM data could be shown in the latest Polar application on the PC.

Polar have caught onto the web, and have launched a site that allows you to transfer your data from the HRM to the web. Great for current stuff, but what about all those old files I have? In their wisdom, Polar have not released a tool that allows me to upload the data I've got on my PC.

There are a few people around who would, like me, prefer to have all their data on the web, and want to upload their old data. Being a professional Java developer, I thought it would be a doddle to create a Java Application that interfaced with the Polar web site and allowed me to transfer my data. And, in general, it was. So here is a Java application that does this. It's a little crude, but does the job.

Just run it with:

java -jar HRMUploader.jar

Enter your Polar Personal Trainer userid and password. If you log in successfully, then you will see your name in the lower status pane.

Browse to your polar .hrm files and select one or more (try it with one first :) ) The application will check the site to see if it's already uploaded a file for this date. If it has, it will put a check mark against the file, if it hasn't then use the upload button to upload the file. It won't upload a file that is already on the site, you will have to delete it from the site if you want to resend it.

There are no guarantees that this will work for you. Might be worth opening another 'test' account on the Polar site and trying it out there first. Whilst you can select many files to upload at once, it might be worth limiting it to 10 or so at a time - the Polar site might choke on too many. I just tried it with about 70 and it took a while, but seemed to work.

Regarding calories expended.

This value is read from the associated PDD file and needs to be in the same directory as your HRM file.  There's one PDD file for each day, so you could have many HRM files that reference the same PDD if you do multiple exercises per day.  In these cases, you are unlikely to be able to read the PDD as it will not have the same name as the HRM file.  Unfortunately, when I originally wrote the HRMUploader, I didn't realise I needed to read the PDD too.  Ideally I need to change the application to read the PDD first,  since this contains all the HRM file names.  However, I'm not planning to do this any time soon, sorry.

Altitude data

Altitude data is sent to the Polar site in 'feet'.  This means that if you are using meters in your HRM file, then the conversion to and from feet could result in a rounding error.

Furthermore, I seem to recall a bug in the HRM files that stores altitude as feet, even though the file is supposed to be metric.  Send me a HRM file example if you suspect the altitude is being uploaded incorrectly.

Here's the code to interface with the Polar site

At some point I'd like to host this on the Google Java App Server, but they've done some funny stuff with Java and restricted various classes in the default 'JRE'. It means that some stuff which should work under Java's WORA mantra doesn't.

The application uses various libraries from Apache, Google and Castor. All their respective rights are recognised. The software is supplied 'as-is' and you use it at your own risk. You did back that data up, right?


Michael said...

Does this app still work?
Seems like I get an error message

(error code not possible to paste)

Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong

Curly said...

Just tried it and it seemed to work OK (well, it logged in OK). I don't recognise the error message you wrote, so I don't think it's one of mine :)

You will need a relatively upto date version of Java.

When you run it do you get the login prompt?

Can you login?

If you run the app from the command line, then look at the messages it prints.

Feel free to email me [polar at]

cbosso said...

This was exactly what I needed! Thanks for throwing it together.


Unknown said...

Hi, I get an error message after clicking Upload (log copied from command prompt), that is when I try to upload the one file I've selected.

xception in thread "Thread-4" java.lang.NullPointerException at at com.softwyer.hrmuploader.webservice.WristUnitDataFactory.prepForMarsh
al( at com.softwyer.hrmuploader.webservice.WristUnitDataFactory.createWristUnitData( at com.softwyer.hrmuploader.FrameController.uploadFiles(FrameController. java:255)
at com.softwyer.hrmuploader.FrameController$

Curly said...

"SO", you might have a config file for a monitor I've not tested against. Can you send the HRM file to me at polar at

Thanks, might be a day or so before I can get around to looking at it.

Ania's pics said...


this is my error when i try to run the program:
C:\>java -jar HRMUploader.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/softwyer/
hrmuploader/HRMUploader (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at$100(Unknown Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(Unknown Source)

Curly said...


It looks like you are using an older version of the Java Runtime. Make sure you are using Java 1.5 or later.

You can check by typing:

Java -version

from the command line. Later versions can be downloaded from the

Brandon said...

This worked like a champ for me, thanks so much!

Ivan Milicevic said...

Thank you so much! Greetings from Croatia!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the app. It worked like a charm!

Berend De Schouwer said...

Everything seems to work, but the file doesn't show up.

INFO: Status is: Status code is <500>, message is <20110106-6>
Received response: com.softwyer.hrmuploader.webservice.Webservice@b2e752

Curly said...

Hi Berend,

Error 500 indicates that there's been a server error (i.e. the Polar
website choked).

There is probably something in the file that it doesn't like; possibly
I'm translating the file incorrectly.

If you would like to send me the .hrm file, then I'll see if I can
find the problem and fix it.


Karl. (polar at

Unknown said...

Hello Curly,
Thanks so much for making this app. I am able to upload my HRM file from ProTrainer5 and I see it in my diary but it lacks the calorie expenditure info and if I input it manually on the polarpersonal site, its not recognized for the challenges. I can see the calories burned with ProTrainer software it just isn't appearing on the personaltrainer website. Any Ideas?

Curly said...


If you email one of the HRM files, then I'll have a look for you. Although, having looked at the ones I uploaded from a CS600, they don't show the calories expended either.

I'll have to debug the web uploader to see how it sends the data, might take me some time though...

karl (polar at

beckk said...


really nice application,
but I have also the problem with calories at the online diary.
Is there also a way to upload the polar pdd files?, because I have got some exercises which are without hrm files.
It would also be fine if I can get the java sources :)

kind regards

Mannemussla said...

Found this post and it seems great :-) I do not have a .hrm file but I have a lot of trainging data that I would like to upload. Any chance it would be possible for me to set for example a comma separated file up containing info regarding:
Date, Distance, Duration, Avg pace, Avg speed, Burned Calories, Climb, Avg. heart rate, Max heart rate, Training Name, Sport etc. and use your app?

How would the file then be set up, if possible?

Any feedback from Polar by the way?

Curly said...


I'd look for something that can convert the files you have to the Polar .hrm format. This way you can use the uploader as-is.

There are a few applications out there that do this, but depending upon what files you have, you may have to hunt around for it.

Failing that, you could always convert it yourself. The Polar file spec is available online here ->

Mannemussla said...

Thanks a lot :-) I will look into both alternatives.

CrossCombo said...

Great work Curly, this is what I've been waiting for for a long time!

But, when I compare my HRM data file in Polar Protrainer 5 with the result on the web (, it doesn't match. The distance is wrong (11 km instead of the correct 10,6 km), the HR zones are close to correct but not right on the money, and some other small differences... It might be that I use comma instead of a dot as a seperator, that might mess up the export, but I don't know...

I could send you a couple of my HRM files if you'd like to se it for yourself, or, you could send me the source code and I'll check it out for myself...


Stockholm, Sweden

Curly said...

Hi Stellan,

Send me a couple of files and I'll have a look over the weekend. It's possible that I'm rounding a few values up too much.


Unknown said...

I have a problem with some of my uploaded files.

The workout shows up in the diary with the correct information shown. When I try to open the training session it only states "Load Error: error" and my only option is to "Return to Diary".

This happens to approximately 50% of my *.hrm files that I uploaded. I can't find anything that the erroneous exercises have in common. None what so ever.

Has someone else encountered this?

Curly said...


No one else has reported a problem with viewing a HRM file uploaded from the application.

Some thoughts/questions:

Does it happen every time with the same file(s), or is it random?

If you delete one of the problem exercises from the Polar site and upload it again using the application, does it still show the load error? If it does, then send one of them to me (polar at and I'll see if I can isolate the problem.


Esa said...


Thanks for the app.

I tried to upload (polar xtrainer plus) HRM files.
Logged in OK, but the upload was unsuccessful.

Messages I got:
Problem during validation:null

INFO: Status is: Status code is <500>, message is ...

What could be the problem?


Curly said...


Post a copy of a HRM file to polar @ and I'll have a look at it.

Benja said...

Thanks for a great program.

Everything works great and I get the message "Finished uploading Polar Files". But when I log on to I cant see the uploaded exercies anywhere.
Do I have to do anything before they show up ?


Benja said...

Just found out that when I get the message "Finished uploading Polar Files" there is no check mark in front of the files I have just uploaded. Is this because the upload didnt go well ?

Curly said...


THe tick indicates that the file was uploaded OK. It should appear in your training diary under the date of the exercise (not today's date).

If it still doesn't appear, send me a hrm file and I'll try it. polar @

Jérémie R. said...

Hey man,

thank you for this great job.

Guido Paola said...

Thanks a lot I could update all my old .hrm files. That's great ! The only thing is that data for altitude and pace/speed looks erroneous in the polarpersonaltrainer website when looking at the graph versus time. Averages in the data tab look instead correct for all parameters. Can you explain why do I have that ?

Thanks so much anyway, great job !!

Guido Paola said...

correction from my previous post. Also average data from the data TAB in polarpersonaltrainer look wrong except for the HR data.

Curly said...


There may be issues when uploading some HRM files from devices I haven'y seen before. Best thing to do is send me a copy of the HRM file and I'll have a look to see what the issue is. Email polar at

Just_Quackers said...

Thank you for making such a wonderful app. Worked painlessly quick from some old hrm files.

However, the avg mph and max mph listed are way off. (like 117 mph!) The speed in the graph is right though. I used a 720i bike heart rate monitor.

Carlos said...

Great effort Curly. I really apreciate that someone out there shared something like your app.

The app worked almost without any issues for the files generated from a S725x, but the calories issues is present on the files generated from a S810 (it may be because the ProTrainer version was older then).

Now I can get all my information in a single place since I've upgraded to a RCX5, thanks to you.

I can't believe that Polar people haven't done everything about it. You should contact them to give them some piece of advice or sell your uploader to them.

Thanks again!

Cameron said...

Curly you are a star. Just uploaded 5 years of S625X data. I am a stat junky so very pleased.

The only issue seemed to be that it didn't pick up the sport. It got the rest of the annotation as far as I can tell.

Thanks v v much. Amazing that don't buy this from you and offer to all parties. Creates much more loyalty. I might go for the Polar RCX5 over the Garmin 910XT after all this Christmas!

Marinho said...

Excellent job! Thanks for creating and sharing this application.

Like many unspoken users, I have tons of previous hrm data which I can afford to miss. In my case, thousands of files created since 2004, all generated by a diversity of Polar watches, and now the company tells me that I cannot upload them to the site, one that I am obliged to use since I bought a RCX5. Unfortunately, I'm having issues with the application, which seems to get stuck. BTW, I suggest adding some kind of visual feedback to tell how many files have been uploaded so far. Congrats, Marinho.

Curly said...


Try the latest version, it fixes some issues with uploading HRM files that use R-R recording.

If you still have problems, then email me a few of your problematic files and I'll investigate.

Regarding adding progress, it's not that useful as all the files are sent at once in one call :-)

finepl said...

My company rewards exercise with Virgin HealthMiles, which parters with for uploading .hrm files. Your java app, combined with TCX converter, allows me to get credit for my Garmin GPX data from my Edge 705. Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

Great app! Polar shoud do something like this years ago!

One question: did you also consider uploading the GPX data? only imports GPX from RCX5(and one more which I don't remember the name). Unfortunately I have RS800CX and doesn't import GPX data.

Curly said...


If you can save/convert the file to a HRM format, then this application should be able to upload it.

Markku said...

The issue with GPS data is that Polar saves HRM data and GPS data into separate files on local PC. So to upload them into web site requires some understanding of the data exchange to upload also gps data...

Curly said...


Does the Polar WebLink application upload this data? (

If so, you can use an intercepting proxy to capture this data and send it to me. This is a good one ->

Markku said...

I have RS800CX and WebLink does not upload gpx data. I think that Polar WebSync app uploads also gpx data, but I don't have a compatible device for that (RCX5 or CS500). WebSync does not support RS800CX.

My understanding is that also RCX5 and CS500 store gpx data into separate file if data transferred locally from wristunit into PPT5.

jogger said...

It works fine for most hrm files, but not for files containing norwegian characters æ,ø and å.
Any hope for a solution?

Curly said...


Could you send a .hrm file to and I'll investigate. Thanks.

Curly said...


Thanks for the information. Looks like WebLink doesn't support GPS thus I can't upload it.

Linus Nikander said...

Would you consider sharing the source for the app ?`I've been thinking about writing an app to do the same as HRMUploader but in the guise of a web-app instead. I could write it all from scratch but it seems like a waste of time to re-write the parsing that you already have up and running. Naturally I'd credit you for that part of the code.Mail me at linus[at] if you'd consider sharing.

Curly said...

Hi Linus,

The code is, unfortunately, integrated into another application and not easily extracted.

However, the code that handles communication and data upload to the Polar site is fairly self contained, being in a simple Java class. If you are interested in this, then I'm happy to share this - just email me -> polar at

Marinho said...

First, thanks for creating this app and sharing it. I have tons of hrm files to upload to and it would be extremely useful to be able to upload them. However, the app is halting... there seems to be a problem in the parser while processing a string. An exception occurs when I run with some files. I'll send you the error message and the "offending files", if you could have a look at it. Cheers, Marinho.

dezdong said...

Thanks very much Curly. Just uploaded a few years worth of files from a S725X with no issues.

Palle said...

Thanks, this is perfect.

finepl said...

Worked great last year. Using files from Garmin 705, converted to .hrm using GPX converter. Unfortunately, this year, I am getting this error:

Problem during validation: 5

This occurs even with files that I successfully loaded last year. This year I am using 10.7. Last year 10.6. Any changes to the Apple Java implementation?

Curly said...

There shouldn't be anything in the uploader that would cause issues with Java on Mac OSX. I seem to recall that you can switch between different versions, so make sure that you are using the latest JRE (Applications -> Utilities - > Java -> Java Preferences)

finepl said...

I am currently using the latest JRE. I have also tried uploading .hrm files generated by my Polar 720i and am getting Problem during validation: 4.

Can I get a version of your code without validation? The whole functionality of verification seems broken.

Curly said...

Hmm, there's no validation in the code. The only security related code is to do with this login to Polar. It doesn't sound like this is the problem you are experiencing.

If you can run this software from the command line/shell (java -jar HRMUploader.jar) and send any error/stack trace to, then we may see something we can fix.

finepl said...

This command

java -jar HRMUploader.jar

will not run from the terminal in OS X. It returns the following:

Invalid or corrupt jarfile HRMUploader.jar

finepl said...

BTW, my problems occur during file selection, before hitting the upload button.

finepl said...

I sent you some sample .hrm files, as well as screen shots of the errors, and console log messages.

toremj said...

Just what i needed! Working great!

Curly said...

@finepl Hmm, not received any files yet. Can you resend?

finepl said...

Thanks for updating hrmuploader. Everything works again.

sigurde said...

Is it possible to upload HRM files created in Tacx Fortius with HRMUploader? It used to work fine with Polar Pro Trainer 5, but I receive this error message when trying to upload with HRMUploader:

INFO: Status is: Status code is <200>, message is
Processing Collection: exercises
Processing Collection: tests
The action event was: java.awt.event.ActionEvent[ACTION_PERFORMED,cmd=Upload,whe
n=1332196602885,modifiers=Button1] on javax.swing.JButton[,399,222,73x26,alignme
Exception in thread "Thread-5" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string
: "21,1"
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Double.valueOf(Unknown Source)
at g.g(Unknown Source)
at ab.a(Unknown Source)
at ab.a(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Curly said...

Try downloading the the latest HRM Uploader file. It was changed a few days ago to fix some problems with malformed HRM files.

If it still doesn't work, then email me a HRM file and I'll check it (polar at

Curly said...

Ah, scratch trying it, I can see you are using the latest download. Just email the HRM file :-)

Visningsnavn said...

Nice piece of work! Only missing is GPS data from my CS600x but no big problem. I've got all my history now :) Thank you very much.

MeesJookseb said...

Well done!

kWh said...

Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing this excellent tool!

Hanskabans said...

Thanks a lot for your development. Is there a way to get calories and distance shown? I´m using RCX5 and the data does not show these features and recognizes a Polar CS600. But anyway, thanks for your effort.

hankinator said...


Thank you very much. I have 7 years of S720i data. I just uploaded the 1st 2 months. All of May (roughly 25 training sessions) took less than 4 seconds to upload. I've spot checked and all appears to be ok. I have to enter some exercise names and all sports. Also, unlike when uploading directly from the watch, I lose "Limit" data, which are the heart rate zones for the S720i.

Again, thank you. It worked brilliantly.


SuperF said...

Awesome thnx!

Unknown said...

Hi Curly!
Would you mind sharing some of your work in terms of interacting with
Thanks, Ove
ovestoerholt[a]gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Perfect, worked for several years of data. Thanks much for sharing this.

Unknown said...

Hi, i've seen that there is a maps section on polarpersonaltrainer for rcx5 owner's..
I've got a cs500 and actually i'm using my phone to record gpx tracks.. Someone know a way to upload gpx tracks on polarpersonaltrainer? It will be a top feauture imho.



Curly said...


There is a person working on uploading GPX data from the HRM files. You would have the added problem of converting the data from the phone to the one in the HRM format.

If I hear more on the availability of the app to upload GPX data, then I'll post it here.

Gerrit said...

Worked perfectly for me; uploaded the full year. Minor edits required afterwards.

Unknown said...

@curly wyer

I was just thinking about the possibility to upload .gpx files directly as the websync do with other polar gps devices like rcx5. How can polarpersonaltrainer recognizes gps data stored into .hrm files and then show the track?
I was thinking also that there is a record at the top of the .hrm that identifies the product.
Maybe the type of product doesn't allow polarpersonaltrainer user's profile to handle the .gpx data...
However i'll be check this post often ;)

Daniel Domininghaus said...

Hi Curly,
I have a problem that might seem quite strange. Every time I want to open the file my Nokia Suite opens.

Do you have any Idea what this could mean?

Thanks a lot.

Daniel Domininghaus said...

Hi again,
I managed to start it, but now it does not connect to the site.

It says something about

Thank yout for your help!

Curly said...


Are you behind a proxy? If so, you'll need a different version of the application that supports proxies.

If not, run it from a command window with the 'java -jar HRMUpdater.jar' command and send me the output.

polar @ softwyer (dot) com

Curly said...

Er, make that HRMUploader.jar ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just tried importing my training records today. Everything worked flawlessly, thank you so much for this app!!

Unknown said...

i was just thinking about the possibility to upload a .gpx file renamed as the linked hrm workout.

What will happen? will polarpersonaltrainer show the track as for ppt5? Is there a program that allow to upload the .gpx instead of the .hrm?


Curly said...

GPX files are not recognised. There's someone developing a simliar application to HRMUploader that will read GPX files. I'll post details here when I get more information.

VidarS-K said...

Thanks a lot for this app. Imported training data for 3 years, and everything worked great.

Do you have any more news about the GPX-importing tool?


Curly said...


Haven't heard anything more on the GPX front, I'll enquire and pass on any information here.

Unknown said...

Hi Curly! still no news about gpx uploader?


Nick Bekker said...

Hi Curly

Thanks for this app. It worked like a charm and I just managed to upload 6 yrs of data onto polarpersonaltrainer. One question, and I see it has been asked on this forum but not replied to... is there a workaround to upload ppd files? I have a few months of data that is only in ppd format.


Curly said...


Sorry Nick, but no further work has been done to upload PDD only files. Sorry.

As far as I am aware, PDD files contain only exercise descriptions, so there would be no HR data to upload.

Nick Bekker said...

@ Curly,

You're right. PDD files do not contain HR data, but for a few months I used a Suunto and when I switched back to Polar I had to enter my training data on PPT5 manually - took me hours:-( At least I have the exercise descriptions, even if it is w/out the HR data on PPT5. I guess I'll have to do the same on polarpersonaltrainer (or wait for the gpx uploader - Suunto files can be exported in gpx, xlsx and kml format)

Thanks again.

Curly said...

@Nick & @Alessandro

Drop me an email for details of how to get hold of the beta app that does GPX uploads.

[polar at softwyer dot com]

Babbel99 said...

I just discovered and used the program because i bought a new RC3 GPS which is awesome and uses only PPT.
Still all data available for reference from my RS800CX (wanted internal GPS). Really a big help so many thanks from me for all the effort you have put in this program.

Unknown said...

Great app, just what I needed!!
Thank you very much for making this.


Unknown said...

Just what I needed!!
Thank you very much.

Mark said...

Curly, great stuff mate. I have a different data source (Sigma Cycling Computer) that I want convert then upload. Did Polar give you any help/info or did you sniff everything you needed?

Curly said...

@Mark, no, it was reverse engineered. Although to Polar's credit they have published the HRM file details (

Gordon said...

Thank you very much for this. I have just used your software to upload eight years of data into polar personal trainer and it worked very well.

George Collier said...

Worked great for me!! Thanks so much.

José Antonio Vargas Domínguez said...

Great, Curly!
After spending a few hours transferring data manually from P. Personal Trainer Pro to and getting sleepy, I decided to explore other possibilities and BINGO! Your HRMUploader did the job fast and easy within a few minutes.
My intention was to manually transfer the last 12 months and, with your invaluable help I've been able to trasfer all my HRM files since January 2008.
Thanks a lot for this helpful application.

Jose-Antonio Vargas

Unknown said...

Is it possible to keep store the password so I don't have to enter it each time? Also, it appears to keep some information stored (username) someplace. I really want two separate instances (one for myself and one for my wife) ... is it possible to do that? Wasn't sure where that info was being stored. I tried copying the .jar file to a new name in a separate directory, but both instances of it still use the same login from the last time the program ran.

Norbert said...

That is a really great tool! It worked nearly perfectly for me.

Nearly? Well, the UI is not really that comfortable and sometimes the program aborts uploading without any reason.

So is there a way to fix that? I would be willing to help if possible (10+ years as a Java developer).

Curly said...


We have no plans to store the password.

The login is stored in Java preferences, and this is stored in your Windows user directory. If you are not using multiple Windows logins, then you cannot have multiple user names.

Curly said...


Best thing to do is to send the problematic file to polar at and I'll have a look at it.

It's usually due to a weirdly formatted HRM file that's not handled correctly by the uploader.

Norbert said...

'Best thing to do is to send the problematic file to polar at and I'll have a look at it.'

Actually that is one of problems. With the current UI you never know which file is corrupted. In fact you don't even know if the application is still working or already hanging.

Globero said...

what about gpx data? and what about a changelog.txt?


Curly said...


Not planning to do GPX, although there is someone else who is doing this. As soon as they release something, then I'll post it here.

Changelog? Bug fixes. There are no new features being added. I haven't uploaded any Polar data for a few years now, having moved over to Suunto (

ojvindegg said...

Would it be possible to get hold of the source for your uploader?
While I won't make any promises at this time, I am myself a professional Java developer and might be able to include some of the requested functionality.

Curly said...


Whilst I can't give you the core HRM uploader software, I'm happy to give the HTTP comms code to anyone who wants it. This allows you to communicate with the Polar site. Just email us (poalr at

Kevin said...

I am realy impresed. This app works like a charm! thanks.

regarding furture release, it would be grate if you could also include a .gpx and or .tcx. This would allow me to import my activities from my garmin sport watch!
This would be very help ful.

thanks for porviding tis app!

jeanthie said...

Thank you for this great app. It worked so easy. I have used of polar precision performance SW data the last 10 years. It is nice that I can bring some of my past year data into the personal trainer.

Jean Thie

Dennis NL said...

Super. Very usefull. Thank you for your contribution! Dennis, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Hi Curly,

what a great piece of software!
Thanks for developing it and also your efforts to share it with the community.
Works pretty well and I really like it.

I use it to share my 'sporttracks runs' with the ones from my polar friends!
The only thing I am wondering about; is there any way to also export/import
* Calories
* Speed Avg
* Speed Max

Not sure if my plugin from maybe makes an issue or if there is a translation error in uploading.

Maybe you have heard about already or could give me a more professional hand to figure it out

Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Thanks!!!! It worked very nice to save the data from 5 years use of a S725X into PolarPersonalTrainer.

Unknown said...

Thanks good job.

DD said...

hi - how are you interfacing with the polar site? could you share your source code?

Arleth said...

How about GPS data. Are they handled?

Curly said...

No, that application doesn't support GPS. Sorry.

Lars Krogsveen said...


Unknown said...

From one Java developer to another, brilliant!

Unknown said...

This application is SUPERCOOL, thank you! I'd like to donate a few bucks to you, let me know how I can do that.

Curly said...

Thanks for the offer, but this one is for free :-)

However, if you feel you must do something then you can either:

a) help out the next charity/person you come across, or
b) if you have an Android phone, then peruse my Software here ->

Unknown said...

This is a great work. Thank you so much.

I'm wondering if we are able to upload map data with the same tool? If not I'd like to help to do it.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this tool. I only have one issue, it does not load my HRZone data correctly. The numbers in Polarpresonaltrainer are always (much) lower than those in my hrm files. Any idea?

Curly said...

@Thomas - If you send an example HRM to to polar @ then I'll have a look. If you can also mention what you think the HRZones should be, then that would be useful.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of your hard work. However, today I tried to use the utility and it will not connect to Polar. Any ideas?

Curly said...


Hmm, it appears that the web interface to Polar has changed as I too now see a SAX parsing error (either that or the site's having issues). This may take some time to:

a) understand the changes
b) implement those changes and release them

I'll try to have a look at this over the next few days (but don't hold your breath)

Curly said...

@Travis, this appears to be working again. Must've been a glitch on the Polar site.

Unknown said...


Edda said...

First of all, thank you for this app. It seems to be the one I've looked for long time.
But I have some troubles with Java. I can't run Java at my Notebook. (Windows 8.1, 64 bit)
Do you have a solution, searching in Forums and communities where senseless.

Curly said...


Not sure why you can't run Java. Try downloading a new JRE from Oracle

Edda said...

I've installed an old Version. With the latest Version it works perfect. Thank you for your prompt help!

Gunder said...

:) THX

Troedler said...

This looks awesome. Just found it and tested your software. It works!! :)
But unfortunately it is not importing the name of the training which is essential for me. I was working with a very old polar software (Polar Advisor Software 1.10.022) where I have .hrm files on the one hand and .bak and .dbf files on the other hand (which include the name, sport category etc.). Is there any chance that your software supports this or will support sometimes?

Thank you for your awesome work.

Curly said...

Hi Johann,

Unfortunately I have no plans to enhance this software to support any additional information, sorry. Unless you can find some alternative software, then you'll need to manually edit the files on the Polar site to add the information you need.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curly, my employer just switched to Humana health insurance, and I'ld like to log my HRM data onto so I can keep them happy. I was excited to find your JAVA application since my Polar E-600 HRM is no longer supported in Polar's applications. For the past couple of months, I've been trying to figure out how to take take files from the E-Series software (I don't have Polar Precision Performance SW and it no longer includes the E600) into PolarPersonalTrainer and feel hopeful about that now. I have the old E-Series software loaded onto a MacBook Pro with Windows 7 Professional, but my old IRDA USB device isn't working and I can't unzip the driver for older IRDA USB devices. I have a Zotac Ion that I was thinking of loading with Windows XP to see if the old IRDA USB driver might load properly. Before I try that, I'm wondering whether you heard from anyone about successfully transferring their E-600 HRM files? Thanks for all of the work you have done, and any ideas you share.

Curly said...

Sorry Dave, not aware of anything to do with the E600. It might be worth completely removing the old driver off the MacBook Pro and seeing if Windows can 'find' a new one online when you plug the USB device in.

Editor: Educational Present and Future said...

Curly, Thanks for your response last Sunday. I noticed that you had been bicycling when you posted originally. I ride in Appleton, Wisconsin where the National Bike Challenge originated. Wondering if you still are active with cycling? Anyway, I've loaded Windows XP as planned and found the proper driver, uploaded HRM data from the Polar E-600. All looks good, until I attempt to use Polar Uploader 2014-4-15 by browsing to a file from Polar PE Manager's Data folder, selecting a file labeled Pem4mdb, or to a copy labeled PEMCopy0111 MDB File 640KB which I assume to be the same. In either case, HRMUploader responds with "Problem during validation: There files does not contain any Param section." Any ideas about what may be holding it up? Files may be exported to Excel and Access using PE Manager, shown graphically in the program, summary data and data comparisons can be displayed graphically for multiple files, etc., so it is a pretty powerful database program, and the HRM works great. Just need to report what the results of my bike rides to the insurance people so they don't raise our rates next year.
Dave F

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! I found this free converter tool to be useful when I needed to convert kml file to gpx format which generated good results. You can try it by uploading your files, no installation required.

Unknown said...

Hi! I have some Endomondo TCX files I would like to convert/upload to polarpersonaltrainer.. any idea?

Curly said...


Then you can use HRMUploader.

Curly said...

@Dave F

It looks like you are trying to load the wrong type of file. It needs to be a HRM text file that follows the format described in this document

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a tcx file that i originally uploaded to garmin connect.....from my new vivofit. I then exported and activity from garminconnect in tcx format and converted to HRM using an online tool ( When I try to upload that HRM file I am getting an error. hoping you can help...this is an invaluable tool for getting my data to polar and then on to virgin health.
The action event was: java.awt.event.ActionEvent[ACTION_PERFORMED,cmd=Upload,whe
n=1423940365609,modifiers=Button1] on javax.swing.JButton[,399,222,73x26,alignme
Feb 14, 2015 1:59:25 PM g j
INFO: Truncating lap time reading
Exception in thread "Thread-7" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
at g.a(Unknown Source)
at g.k(Unknown Source)
at ab.a(Unknown Source)
at ab.a(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Curly said...

Whoops, just noticed Bill's request.

Bill, if this is still a problem then email the HRM file to polar at softwyer dot com and I'll have a look.

Unknown said...

Worked perfectly for me. thanks for your effort!

Unknown said...

Hi guys. I have bought Polar RS800CX with IrDA USB interface. I have no money for external GPS sensor. Is it possible to transfer gps track from the android phone in GPX format to the PTT website? Or it's impossible? Thanks!

tarkkaamo said...

Big thanks to Curly!

dj said...

Works great to Polar personal trainer.

@Curly, don't suppose you have a version that can upload to Polar Flow?

Curly said...

dj, I don't have anything planned for Polar Flow, but you might be able to transfer from ppt. See this article.

dj said...

Thanks Curly, unfortunately I tried this and it did not work. Thanks for the great program though.

dj said...

Having looked at this again, it does appear to work but you need to register a device in the Polar Personal Trainer site *before* uploading a session using Curly's tool (for some reason, if you add your device after the session has been uploaded you do not get the transfer to flow button.

Many thanks Curly, works just perfect now.

peha said...

Very good tool, worked completely fine for my 625x hrm files. Kudos!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great job! Any progress for https, nowadays HRMUploader.jar does not work and needs some modification. Also I'd like to ask, can we upload GPS data as well as HRM data? If you answer I'll be appreciated.

Unknown said...

Hi - just wanted to express my profound gratitude for this program. Now that they are moving everyone off of old pages and software, I had to convert old hrms to, and then move to flow. You saved me so much time. I really, really appreciate your help! (Oh, and my calories came over as well.) -Stephanie

Unknown said...

I also forgot this: I had the hrms in the old ProTrainer 5 software, and the update that is supposed to allow automatic feed to didn't work, so my only hope was this conversion. Thanks again! -Stephanie

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